Before your departure

There are a couple of important forms you will need to complete your Erasmus stay, which your home university has probably also informed you of - the Transcript of Records and Confirmation of Departure (also called Attendace Certificate or Confirmation of Study Stay):


You should e-mail us to apply for a copy of your Transcript of Records as soon as you see that all your results are complete in our on-line information system (SIS). You can check this by clicking on the “Summary of exam results” button on the SIS homepage.

The easiest way to apply for the Transcript is to simply e-mail once all the results you are expecting are uploaded in SIS. We will not make your transcript until we receive an e-mail from you requesting it.

Transcripts are issued gradually (it takes time), on the first-come, first-served principle. If you have to leave Prague before your grades are complete or your Transcript is ready, we can send it to you. Please specify if you would like us to send it via e-mail or by post, and if by post, please tell us which address to post it to.


This form is provided by your home university (different universities use different names for it) and ordinarily it would need to be signed in person before your departure. Due to Covid-19, this semester it will be possible to get this form signed by e-mail or in person:

· Via e-mail (preferred): It is necessary to confirm your presence at the end of your stay – usually this is done by sending us a copy of your boarding pass or the ticket you used to leave Prague (if you did not get an arrival form signed, you will also have to send proof of the date you arrived in Prague). You should send us this by e-mail (to either just before or just after you leave Prague, along with the blank document that your university needs us to sign. We will sign the document and send it back to you by e-mail.

· If you are in Prague and prefer to come to the office: Contact us about a week before you plan to leave to set up a time to come to our office with the form for us to sign (address here). Please note that the document cannot be signed sooner than 5 days before your actual departure. 

Please note that the confirmation of study period cannot be signed sooner than 5 days before your actual departure/end of studies.