Czech Language Courses for Erasmus students

  • free for Faculty of Arts students 
  • 2 x 90 min (exception: 1 x 90 min – Survivals)
  • for beginners or pre-intermediate students (not taking classes at the Institute of Czech Studies)
  • courses start one week after the official start of classes 


  • H:  Hybernská 3
  • P: náměstí Jana Palacha 1
  • C: Celetná 20

Schedule for Summer semester 2021/2022

ABO100601 Czech for beginners - Survival Skills , ABO100601 (for complete beginners)

1) MON 10:50   P218      

Bojková  (

2) WED 10:50   C352      

Švíbková (

ABO100602 Czech for beginners - Basic Curriculum, ABO100602 (for complete beginners)

1) MON 12:30-14:00 P218 + FRI 12:30-14:00  P409    

Jarošová  (

2) MON 15:50-17:20   C1.10 + FRI 12:30-14.10   C1.10    

Švíbková  (

ABO100607 Czech for beginners - Enhanced curriculum, ABO100607 (for students who have completed the pre-semester Czech Intensive Course or Survival Skills)

MON 14:10-15:40 P209 + FRI 14:10-15:40    P209               

Jarošová   (

ABO200602 Czech for advanced beginners, ABO200602 (for students who have completed Basic curriculum or one semester of intensive Czech)

WED 9:10-10:40 P010 + FRI 9:10-10:40   P408            

Salačová ( + Krymláková  (

ABO100603 Czech for Pre-Intermediate Students, ABO100603 (for students who have A1-level Czech already)

MON 9:10-10:40 P217   + TUES   9:10-10:40 H202   

Bojková   (

More information:

English Language Courses for Erasmus/International Students

These courses are designed for pre-intermediate up to upper-intermediate students willing to improve their knowledge of the English language in an international environment. 

These courses are free for students accepted at the Faculty of Arts.

Schedule for the Summer Term 2021/2022

English 4U B1

Code: AZOVA0001

3 ECTS credits

1 Lesson per week (90 min)

Schedule: Thursday 14:10 – 15:45, online

Teacher: Tereza Rambousková

English 4U B2

Code: AZOVA0002

3 ECTS credits

1 Lesson per week (90 min)

Group 1

Schedule: Tuesday 12:30 – 14:05, online

Teacher: Barbora Bulantová

Group 2

Schedule: Tuesday 14:10 – 15:45, online

Teacher: Barbora Bulantová

General information

The Language Centre (LC) offers courses in the following languages (click on the links to see this year’s courses): 

English, German, French, Russian, Spanish

These language courses are offered to all students of the Faculty of Arts.

Types of courses

  • Progressive courses offered at three levels according to students’ initial skills (I, II, III, at the levels A2/B1, B1.2, B2), leading the students towards B2 level exams.
  • Specialised courses (LAP – Language for academic purposes) focus on developing students‘ academic skills and require advanced language skills (minimum at the B2 level).

Courses organisation

The language of instruction is the respective foreign language (e.g. German courses are taught in German), except for courses at the lowest level (Course I) and Latin courses, which are mainly taught in Czech and therefore are not suitable for Erasmus students.

Once the course requirements are fulfilled, students receive 3 ECTS credits and a mark (1, 2, 3 – pass, 4 – fail).