How to apply

Entry requirements:

  • Be currently enrolled in a European institution of higher education that has an exchange agreement with us. Check with your home university if you are unsure.

  • Be nominated by your home university for the appropriate field of study.

  • Have completed at least one year of study at University level by the start of your Erasmus.

  • Have a good level of English (or Czech, if studying in Czech) sufficient to follow lectures (B2).

Application process - detailed information can be found on our university website

1. Nomination:
If you wish to come to study at Charles University as an Erasmus student, your home university must officially nominate you. We will send you detailed application instructions once we receive your nomination.

2. Online application:
Complete the Charles University online application.

Follow our Step by Step On-line Registration Guide

3. Send your documents: Your university’s Exchange Coordinator must sign your Learning Agreement. 

You may use the ECTS Learning Agreement from your home university or the application form generated from the online application. If your home university has their own form for the Learning Agreement, it is generally recommended that you send us that one instead.

You should then scan and email the document to by

15th May for winter semester/full academic year 

15th October for summer semester

* We recommend that students who require visas apply as soon as possible, because the sooner you apply the sooner you will receive the necessary documents to apply for the visa.

Ensure you have followed all application procedures required by your home Erasmus office, and liaise closely with them throughout the process.

Unsigned ECTS Learning Agreements will not be accepted.