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Wednesday, 14:00-17:00

Thursday, 14:00-16:00

There is an electronic ticketing system outside of room 128 - please take a ticket!

You can find our address here: http://erasmus.ff.cuni.cz/Contact?section=Incoming

You may, however please note that some departments are extremely restrictive in terms of admitting students outside their bilateral agreements, as the capacity of their courses is limited. These are:

  • The Department of Psychology – course codes starting with APS, are only available to students whose university has a bilateral agreement in this field.
  • The Department of Film Studies – course codes starting with AFV, are only available to students whose university has a bilateral agreement in this field.
  • The two departments of Anglophone Studies (codes starting with AAA) accept students outside their bilateral agreements ONLY if the teacher agrees, and if the student has a level of C1 in English or better.

Please check with your coordinator if there is a bilateral agreement in these fields of study before you apply for these courses.

You are required to have the majority of your courses/ECTS (51% or more) at the Faculty of Arts (course codes starting with A). As long as you fulfill this requirement, you may select courses at other faculties, although we do not recommend choosing your most important courses outside of the Faculty of Arts, because we cannot guarantee your admission into these.

Please DO NOT enroll in any courses at the medical faculties (course codes starting with B, C, or D). 

Also, please note that different faculties have different enrollment periods than the Faculty of Arts - they may end earlier or start later than ours. It is up to you to make sure that your enrollment in courses at other faculties is correct before their enrollment period ends.

If you have questions about courses at other faculties, you may find the contact details of other faculty coordinators here: https://www.cuni.cz/UKEN-199.html#5

The number of ECTS / courses you must take mainly depends on the requirements of your university (sending institution). If you are unsure about how many credits you need, you should consult with your home coordinator. Most students attend courses worth 20-30 ECTS per semester.

It is not necessary, you may send your application to the email address:

The coordinators at the (university-wide) European Office are in charge of the accommodation. You can find more information about this here: https://www.cuni.cz/UKEN-365.html , or contact them at: erasmus@ruk.cuni.cz

Yes, you may, if your university agrees with it and if we have the capacity to host you again. 

There are 4 basic steps (more detailed information can be found here: http://www.cuni.cz/UKEN-367.html) :

1. Check with coordinators at both universities that they agree to your prolongation.

2. Fill in a Learning Agreement for the second semester (must be on the Charles University version of the form, which you can dowload here).

3. Send the Learning Agreement to your home coordinator for their signature.

4. Submit the Learning Agreement (signed by you and your home coordinator) to your Faculty Coordinator at Charles University - this can be done in person or via e-mail.

The deadline for sending us your signed Learning Agreement (for prolongation) is January 10th!

Yes, your participation at the Registration day (the first day of the Orientation week) is obligatory. You should plan to arrive in Prague the night before, or at the latest the morning of the Registration day, as the meeting will take place in the morning (usually starting around 10am). Check the Academic Calendar for this year´s exact dates.

Yes, we will have brand new courses open for summer semester 2021/2022. You may find some of them listed below (this is just the ones we know about, not a complete list of new courses). They will not all be in SIS yet, but if you would like attend some of them you may put them in your Learning Agreement (as part of your application) without the course code.

Once they are in the system we will update the list here with the codes.

  • Seminar: History of elementary education in Europe in Enlightenment (AHSV10691)
  • Seminar: Reading hispanic poetry of 20th century (in translation) (ASPV0069)
  • Understanding Comics: Critical Reading and Analysing of Selected Works (AFR111042)
  • Czech Culture through the Prism of Czech Humanists, Thinkers and Artists (AMKE00002)
  • The Cold War in Africa (AHSV10490)
  • Gender, Conflict, and Peace (Institute of Ethnology, 5 credits)
  • Archaeology of production: methods and experience (AKA500127)
  • Social and Cultural History of Communist Dictatorship in Czechoslovakia (AHSE0022)
  • Anthropology of Morocco (Institute of Ethnology, 4 credits)
  • Whose ELF is it, anyway? Controversies in English as a Multi-lingual Lingua Franca (ALINV562M)

Czech universities use a 4-point grading system, ranging from 1 (excellent) to 4 (fail). Your teachers will assign your grades based on this scale (this is also what will appear on your profile in our Student Information System).

However, when you receive your Erasmus transcript, your Czech grade will be converted into an ECTS grade (on the A-F scale) according to the following table:

Excellent (excellent performance)
A (/B)
Very Good (above the average standard but with some errors)
C (/D)
Good (generally sound work with a number of notable errors)
Fail (unsatisfactory performance)

The primary applications being used for e-learning at the Faculty of Arts are MS Teams, Moodle, and Zoom. If you are unsure which platform a given class is using, check the information in SIS, and if nothing is there, e-mail the teacher. Very often, teachers will send information about teaching to the e-mail you have listed in SIS, so make sure you are checking this e-mail regularly.

To log in to MS Teams, the format of your username is LOGIN@ff.cuni.cz, where LOGIN is the login you use for SIS (not the numbers, the one based on your name). The password is the same one you use for SIS. It is important to log in using your Faculty of Arts account so that you will have easier access to the teams your teachers have set up.

If you have courses at other faculties, the teacher may need to add you to the class as a guest. If the teacher is having trouble with this, you can send them the following guide (in Czech): https://elearning.ff.cuni.cz/online-prednasky/microsoft-teams/

If you're having difficulty using any e-learning platforms, you can contact elearning@ff.cuni.cz for help.

If what you're experiencing seems to be a technical problem, you can contact our IT office, lvt@ff.cuni.cz, for help.